Mission Statement

The Orbit Journal publishes papers dealing with all aspects of responsible research and innovation in information and communication technology and beyond. Submissions should be accessible to a broad audience. Categories of submission reflect the Orbit resources:

  • Case studies
  • Technologies
  • Concepts
  • Ethical issues
  • Solutions

Why publish in the Orbit journal?

The Orbit journal offers the opportunity to publish original research and insights on RRI. It is linked to a community of interested scholars and therefore has a strong audience. Journal submissions are fully peer reviewed. Published papers will form part of the resources that are made available to the Orbit community, thus leading to higher visibility than other journal papers.

What does it cost to publish in the Orbit journal?

Orbit is an open access online journal. For the duration of EPSRC funding we will not charge Author Processing Fees. This may need to be revisited after EPSRC funding ceases. Papers published in Orbit will remain available without charge on the Orbit website.

Who holds the copyright to Orbit journal papers?

The copyright for any papers published in the Orbit journal remains with the authors. The authors grant the Orbit journal a non-exclusive licence to publish their papers under a Creative Commons licence.