Promoting RRI

across the ICT Research Community

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) aims to ensure the sustainability, acceptability and desirability of research processes and outputs. ORBIT provides training, consultancy and other RRI services to both university and industry research and innovation teams to help ensure that RRI principles are embedded in development from the earliest possible point.


ORBIT (the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation) has been commissioned by the EPSRC to provide leadership in the promotion and application of responsible research and innovation practices to the information and communication technology (ICT) community. In order to achieve this goal, ORBIT has developed a series of key services:

The ORBIT Journal

The ORBIT journal is an open online resource that allows scholars, practitioners and others who are interested in RRI to exchange experience, good practice and other ideas about RRI.

Workshops & Courses

Our series of courses and workshops take you from the Introduction of RRI and its priniciples. Each course and workshop further assists you with embedding RRI into small, medium and large ICT grant proposals.

Industry Focused

ORBIT offers a variety of Industry focused services to organisations looking to explore ethical implications including Consultancy, Ethical Framework Evaluation and the Safety and Assurance of Autonomous Systems

The ORBIT Journal

The ORBIT Journal publishes original research and contributions in the area of responsible research and innovation in ICT. It forms part of the overall ORBIT project, which aims to foster a culture of RRI in the ICT research community and beyond. In order to connect with the community, ORBIT uses a fully double blind process of peer review.

It is an online gold open access journal. At least for the period from 2017 to 2020, while the ORBIT project is supported by the UK Engineering and Phyical Sciences Research Council, the ORBIT journal will not charge article processing fees.

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Events & Conferences

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Past Workshops & Events

ORBIT delivered its first Ethical Hackathon at Royal Holloway

The ORBIT team has successfully delivered its first Ethical Hackathon on 05/06/19 and 06/06/19. The event was held for PhD students in Cyber Security at Royal H...

Save the date! The ORBIT 2019 conference: 100+ Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics – 16/09/19, Oxford

ORBIT is delighted and proud to announce its conference for 2019 – 100+ Brilliant Women in AI & Ethics. The event will be based around the list of 100...

Ethics Support @ HBP Open Day and Summit 2018

Ethics & Society Subproject and HBP Education team members at the ‘Social, Ethical, Reflective’ booth during the Open Day Last week the Ethics Support team ...

ORBIT Conference 2018 – Building in the Good: creating positive ICT futures

The pervasive nature of information and communications technologies (ICT) in all aspects of our lives raises many exciting possibilities but also numerous conce...

Data Governance In International Neuro-ICT Collaborations Conference

From its inception, the Human Brain Project has pursued questions of data governance, and is in the process of refining a set of data policy principles and prac...