Vacancy: Lecturer in Information Systems

Full Time, Permanent (2 positions available) As part of our VC2020 lectureship programme, we are looking for two outstanding new Lecturers in Information Systems. Applicants will be expected to [...]


The ORBIT Journal- An Online Journal for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT

Responsible Research and Innovation in Information and Communication Technologies Responsible research and innovation (RRI) aims to ensure that the processes, outcomes and intentions of research [...]


Who will rule the world in the future? – Can new technologies dramatically change humanity as we know it?

New technologies are dramatically changing human civilization in a way few could have imagined even at the end of the 20th century. And yet, many things will change even more. Very soon, computer [...]


Ethical Dimensions of User Centric Regulation

Introduction We explore the role of IT designers in regulation and question the ethical dimensions of their work. The turn to the IT design community to help address hard regulatory issues posed [...]


More rational discourse for designing information systems – Possibilities and challenges

Introduction Certain research streams in the field of information systems, such as social informatics, work informatics and participatory design, have been interested in studying and empowering [...]


The Rule of Law and EU Data Protection Legislation – Some Controversial Issues in light of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

  Introduction The rule of law is a philosophical, political, and legal concept that has been adopted as a fundamental political and legal principle due to its importance in modern society. [...]


Threats of the Internet of Things in a Techno-Regulated Society – A New Legal Challenge of the Information Revolution

Introduction Technology has been rapidly changing the way we interact with the world around us. Companies, aiming to meet new consumer demands, are developing products with technological [...]


Is Professional Practice at Risk Following the Volkswagen and Tesla Motors Revelations?

Introduction Each day society becomes more and more technologically dependant. Some argue that as a consequence society becomes more and more vulnerable to catastrophe. With the world in economic [...]


When AI goes to war: youth opinion, fictional reality and autonomous weapons

Introduction Weaponization of artificial intelligence (AI) presents one of the greatest ethical and technological challenges in the 21st century. A consortium of AI and robotics specialists have [...]


On the Difficult Task of Teaching Computer Ethics to Engineers

Introduction In order to address the many aspects of the social and ethical impacts of computing, one of the most useful tools is the so called “stakeholders network”. By designing a [...]