Steering Committee

Professor Edmund Burke


Vice-Principal for Science and Engineering at Queen Mary University of London. He has overall responsibility for all aspects of the Faculty, including 9,000 students and over 700 staff. He also holds specific University responsibility for Strategic Risk Management, Health & Safety and the Athena Swan agenda on Equality & Diversity. His research interests lie at the interface of Operational Research and Computer Science and he is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society, the British Computer Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Professor Derek McAuley

Professor Derek McAuley is Professor of Digital Economy and Horizon Director, Faculty of Science at the University of Nottingham. He is currently directing the Horizon interdisciplinary research centre looking at work including everything from behavioural change in energy consumption to technology to support rich social interaction. For example the work on “dataware” aims to provide a means to exploit our personal digital footprints while factoring in privacy.

Abigail Sellen

Abigail Sellen is the Deputy Director and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. She also manages the Human Experience & Design (HXD) group, an interdisciplinary group with a focus on the human perspective in computing. HXD is interested in learning from everyday life to inform the design of systems which are both useful and compelling, and in designing technologies which work in partnership with people.

Professor Steve Furber

Professor Steve Furber is ICL Professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Manchester. After completing a PhD in aerodynamics at the University of Cambridge he worked at Acorn Computers where he was a principal designer of the BBC Microcomputer and the ARM 32-bit RISC microprocessor. He moved to the ICL Chair at Manchester in 1990 where he leads research into asynchronous and low-power systems and, more recently, neural systems engineering, where the SpiNNaker project is delivering a computer incorporating a million ARM processors optimised for brain modelling applications.

Professor Richard Owen

Professor Richard Owen is the Professor in Innovation Management at the University of Bristol. He is interested in the politics, risks, ethics and governance of innovation and how we can take responsibility for them.  He has worked closely with the UK Research Councils in this regard and developed the AREA Responsible Innovation Framework with colleagues for them. He has a background in risk assessment, governance and regulation, working at the interface between disciplines to support national and international policy development regarding emerging technologies.

Professor Jane Hillston

Professor Jane Hillston is Professor of Quantitative Modelling in the School of Informatics within the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. Her primary research interest is the Markovian process algebra PEPA and its use for the performance modelling of computer and communication systems. More recently she has been considering new applications for stochastic process algebra, particularly those related to systems biology. This has led to consideration of new analysis techniques, particularly those based on fluid approximation and to the development of some new languages in the PEPA family, particularly Bio-PEPA and HYPE.

Melanie Smallman

Melanie Smallman is a Lecturer in Science and Technology Studies and Deputy Director of the Responsible Research and Innovation hub at UCL. Her research looks at how the public forms views around new and emerging science and technology, the impact of those views on public policy and how expert advice is conceived and used in policymaking. She is also developing new research around the role of science and technology in increasing economic inequality, how this is affecting perceptions of science and technology and what alternative innovation models are available for more inclusive growth.

Jack Stilgoe

Jack Stilgoe is a Senior Lecturer at University College, London. He works on science and technology policy, particularly the governance of science and emerging technologies and public engagement with science. He is currently interested in machine learning and self-driving cars. He co-runs the Political Science blog for the Guardian.

Dr Wyn Meredith

Dr Wyn Meredith is Director of the Compound Semiconductor Centre, a joint venture between Cardiff University and IQE plc. He was involved in defining its concept, vision and funding mechanisms and he is currently working to promote the development of Europe’s first Compound Semiconductor Technology Cluster in South Wales.