Manuscript guidelines

Article types

ORBIT publishes work that is of relevance to RRI. This includes empirical research, theoretical and conceptual considerations, but also other output that may be of relevance to the community, which may include audiovisual material or artistic representations.

Papers published in the ORBIT journal are therefore categorised in ways that we hope will help the audience to access them and make them useful. The categories currently being used are:

  • Case Studies
  • Ethical Issues
  • Technologies
  • Concepts
  • Solutions

Manuscript length

ORBIT is an online journal. It therefore does not  have strict limits on word count or manuscript length. However, in order to aid readability and uptake, authors are encouraged to be as brief and concise as possible.

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Headings and sub-headings


Figures and Table Guidelines

Conflict of Interest statement





Supplementary material

If the paper requires access to supplementary material, the ORBIT system may be able to host this. Please contact the editor separately during or after peer review.


A template that will allow you to fulfil the formatting requirements is available here.

Cover letter

A cover letter to the editor is encouraged for the initial submission. Revised resubmissions require a cover letter outlining the response to the reviews.

Research ethics

Data policy

Submission checklist

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