Ethical System Development in Agile Processes

Ethical System Development in Agile Processes

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Pretschner, Director of BIDT

2nd December 2020 3pm GMT
It is not clear to what extent codes of ethics actually work. Moreover, ethics assessments in the early stages of a project seemingly do not fit with agile methodologies in software development. Hence, our aim in this project is to add ethical reflection steps to Scrum, one such methodology. This marks a significant advance over simple reliance on random engineers to question decisions and furthermore integrates ethics into the core of product development, leading from ethical engineers to ethical engineering. Accordingly, a key advantage is produced in that every iteration of the product will receive some ethical review and, in contrast to classic a priori or ex post reviews, the actual running product will be assessed. This project focuses on the software development uses of Scrum, since this methodology has been applied to a wide range of products and industries. We expect that our extension to Scrum can be generalized from software development to other such fields.

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