Elsevier’s AI report released today. ORBIT among the contributors

A few months ago, ORBIT was approached by Elsevier with regards to contributing to their report on AI. In particular the data analytics company valued the expertise of the ORBIT team members on the discourse of ethics matters related to AI. The relevance of this topic has also been highlighted in September at the ORBIT conference Building in the Good – Creating positive ICT futures which was focused on AI.

After months of hard work Elsevier released today its report on AI titled Artificial Intelligence: How knowledge is created, transferred, and used. The report, which focuses on the AI trends in Europe, China and the United States, provides insights on the research fields of AI. It has been created by consulting with the world’s leading experts on AI and constitute a summary of the state-of the-art research in Artificial Intelligence.

Importantly, the report not only looks at how AI knowledge is created and shared. It also focuses on some of the key issues of ethics inAI. In fact, a whole chapter is dedicated to ‘the imperative role of ethics in Artificial Intelligence’. Among the people that contributed to the chapter there are Prof. Dame Wendy Hall, which highlights the importance of ethics in AI, and ORBIT,whose contribution focuses on identifying and addressing the ethics of AI. Overall, Elsevier’s work highlights the multifaceted nature of AI and offers insight on the current research picture. For more details, the full report is available online at this link.

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