ORBIT Webinar – 7th August – Rob Procter discussing Explainable AI

Rob Procter

Rob Procter is Professor of Social Informatics and deputy head (research) in the department of Computer Science, Warwick University. Previously he has held positions at Manchester and Edinburgh universities. His research interests are strongly inter-disciplinary, and include social media analytics and social data science.

Rob’s current data science-related research includes the use of machine learning to: predict the veracity of content posted in social media and; analyse factors that influence the propagation of inflammatory postings. He is also interested in a number of other areas related to data science. These include methodological and ethical issues in the use of new forms of data in social research. More generally, he is interested: in applications of big data analytics in domains such as smart cities and healthcare; investigating social and technical issues that may influence the adoption of data science across academic, commercial and public sectors.

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