Ethics Support @ HBP Open Day and Summit 2018

Ethics & Society Subproject and HBP Education team members at the ‘Social, Ethical, Reflective’ booth during the Open Day Last week the Ethics Support team was at the annual Human…

ORBIT Conference 2018 – Building in the Good: creating positive ICT futures

The pervasive nature of information and communications technologies (ICT) in all aspects of our lives raises many exciting possibilities but also numerous concerns. Responsible Research and Innovation aims to maximise the benefits of technology whilst minimising the risks. The ORBIT team partnered with Microsoft Research to create this event looking at how to build in principles that aim to create a positive, ethical and socially desirable future in ICT. The conference brought together stakeholders from government, industry, education, funders, publishers and academia to explore how the advantages of ICT can be harnessed, while disadvantages can be identified and addressed. The speakers' talks and slides are below - we hope you find them interesting and useful.

Data Governance In International Neuro-ICT Collaborations Conference

From its inception, the Human Brain Project has pursued questions of data governance, and is in the process of refining a set of data policy principles and practices that foster research collaboration in accordance with principles and practices of responsible research and innovation (RRI). The Data Governance Working Group of the HBP, in collaboration with the UK ORBIT Project, hosted a two-day conference that brought together international expertise and cutting-edge research on the topic of data governance in large collaborative neuro-ICT projects. Our purpose in doing so was to clarify current practice, identify obstacles and barriers, and propose future ways of organising data governance, particularly in the context of the GDPR coming into effect.