On the Taxonomy of Social Media Marketing

Introduction In recent years, marketing using social media has attracted attention from various perspectives (Hoffman & Fodor, 2010). For example, as a medium of native advertisement (Lee, [...]


Editorial responsibilities arising from personalization algorithms

Introduction In the online (social) media market the limited capacity of human attention is perceived as the primary resource bottleneck. In response to this, news feeds, search engines and [...]


Smart City Transcendent – Understanding the smart city by transcending ontology

This paper provides a conception of the smart city which takes into account what the smart city brings into the world which is new and original. This approach provides a means of dealing with the [...]


Privacy in the 21st century

In this section experts discuss various topics related to ‘ethics in ICT’ using short 5-minute interviews. It provides ICT researchers and others involved in research and innovation access to a [...]


Technology-Oriented Education along with the Uncritical Mass vs. Ethics

Introduction Social media and networking software are the current integration of text, audio and video communication methods that have been available since the 1990s. For example, Twitter, the [...]


Digital Humanities or Hypercolonial Studies?

Amelia Sanz Complutense University (Spain) amsanz@filol.ucm.es In the humanities domain, the very conditions of our intellectual lives are changing. Printed books are no longer the main channel [...]


Prediction Markets

What Prediction Markets are and how they work Prediction Markets (also known as Ideas Futures and Information Markets) are electronic[i] marketplaces in which registered traders buy and sell [...]


The Concept of Embedded Values and the Example of Internet Security

1. Introduction Many current technological devices used in our everyday lives confront us with a host of new ethical issues to be addressed. Social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter, [...]


Redefining Responsibility

Elli Bleeker The Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands The goal of the FRRIICT project is an admirable one: to collect insights in ICT practices and facilitate a discussion in [...]


Values Levers: Encouraging Ethical Debate within Software Design

Values Levers: Building Critical Reflection into Software Design Growing interest in corporate social responsibility and privacy by design is transforming ethical decision-making into a critical [...]