Ethical Dimensions of User Centric Regulation

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More rational discourse for designing information systems – Possibilities and challenges

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The Rule of Law and EU Data Protection Legislation – Some Controversial Issues in light of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

  Introduction The rule of law is a philosophical, political, and legal concept that has been adopted as a fundamental political and legal principle due to its importance in modern society. [...]


Threats of the Internet of Things in a Techno-Regulated Society – A New Legal Challenge of the Information Revolution

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When AI goes to war: youth opinion, fictional reality and autonomous weapons

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On the Difficult Task of Teaching Computer Ethics to Engineers

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The False Prometheus – Customer Choice, Smart Devices and Trust

Introduction The legal and ethical challenges related to user agreements, and more specifically End User License Agreements (EULAs) and Terms of Services (TOSs), are a well-explored topic in [...]


A Review of Value-Conflicts in Cybersecurity

  Introduction The increasing use of information and communication technology (ICT) in all spheres of modern life makes the world a richer, more efficient and interactive place. However, it [...]


Rethinking informed consent

In this section experts discuss various topics related to ‘ethics in ICT’ using short 5-minute interviews. It provides ICT researchers and others involved in research and innovation access to a [...]


To use or not to use: guidelines for researchers using data from online social networking sites

Introduction In the current age of abundant information sharing and gathering, social networking sites (SNSs) are now thought of as incredible resources for collecting data on individuals. To [...]