Bionic RRI for The University of Edinburgh / IIT Kharagpur

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Welcome to your responsible innovation training, delivered in a Blended, Interactive, ONline and Innovative Course (BIONIC) This course assumes no prior knowledge of RRI and is designed to be a self-study course and by working your way through each lesson you will then be given access to subsequent lessons and ultimately a certificate marking the completion of the course. By working through the lessons contained within this course you will:
  • Gain understanding of the background for the development and adoption of RRI
  • Have knowledge of both the AREA Framework as it has been adopted in the UK by EPSRC, and the EU Pillars of RRI
  • Gain familiarity with some of the critiques of and challenges for RRI, and ability to discuss these
  • Be able to apply the AREA Framework to a project and use the PERSUE tool to understand how RRI might be carried forward in that project.