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    Top Anatase Titanium Dioxide THA-100
    Top anatase titanium dioxide (THA-100) is a high-grade anatase titanium dioxide which is supplied by Tianhong Tio2 industry.

    1) Typical Features of top anatase titianium dioxide THA-100
    Tianhong THA-100 is adopted advanced modern particle size controlling technique and produced by sulfuric acid method. It combines excellent properties such as high whiteness, good optical and hiding power, high color elimination strength.
    THA-100 is suitable for coatings, ink and plastic applications.

    2) Tio2 Typical Technical Data
    Crystal FormAnatase Type
    Manufacturing ProcessSulfate
    Product index is subject to inspection

    3) FAQ
    Will test samples be provided? And how will it be delivered?
    We provide test samples (suitable amount) by free, and all packed in plastic boxes. All samples will be delivered by courier services.
    What about the packing of THA-100?
    THA100 is packed within 25.00kg paper-plastic composite bag. Furthermore, 500kg&1000kg woven-water proof packing are also available for ocean container shipping.
    How to properly store the product?
    The product should be properly kept in a dry condition and not in direct contact with water or moisture. The proper storage can maintain fresh product shield life at least two years long.China Titanium Dioxide suppliers