Call for Papers

Data Governance in Neuro-ICT

We would like to invite you to contribute to a Special Issue of Orbit, the Journal for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT that will be dedicated to questions of data governance of international collaborative activities, with a special interest in the link between neuroscience and ICT. The special issue follows on from the conference on Data Governance in International Neuro-ICT Collaborations, jointly hosted by the Human Brain Project and the ORBIT Project at Oxford University in March, 2018 but is open to anybody who would like to contribute.

The overarching goal of this Special Issue is to bring together contributions from the international expertise, including those represented at the conference, on the topic of data governance in large collaborative neuro-ICT projects. Issues of relevance include the technical, social, and ethical aspects of current practice, identification of obstacles to collaboration, discussion of neuroscience-specific data governance topics, and proposals for future ways of organising data governance.

Potential topics could include:

  • Principles of data governance and/or data management
  • Challenges of international collaboration
  • Intellectual property, acknowledgment, and attribution
  • Specific issues of data governance in neuroscience
  • Technical drivers and obstacles
  • Cultural aspects of data governance
  • Regulation, legislation, and compliance
  • Misuse
  • Policy and interpretation of data governance

All submissions will undergo full double-blind peer review. We are aiming for the Special Issue to be published early in 2019, and thus would ask that your papers be submitted before October 31st, 2018 using the ORBIT  journal submission system by clicking here.

For questions please contact Bernd Stahl at