The Orbit community consists of a number of different groups that contribute to the overall aim of promoting responsible research and innovation.

Overview of Orbit community

Orbit Project

The Orbit project is the core of the Orbit activities. It consists of the Orbit team who undertake the day-to-day running of the project and the Steering Committee who provide strategic advice.

Orbit Team

The Orbit team consists of the director, project officer, marketing officer and webmaster as well as the investigators.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) oversees the RRI service. Its membership must draw on a wide set of researchers across the ICT portfolio and ensure that diversity is promoted in its make-up. EPSRC must also be present on this Committee. This group will meet every 6 months to monitor and review the activities of the RRI service against the agreed standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). It will also provide advice and guidance on future activities.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (AB) ensures that broader academic and industrial views are heard in the project. To ensure that the discussion in the AB is carried forward to the SC and vice versa, the Chair of the AB will be member of the SC. ORBIT management communicates with both bodies. The AB has the particular purpose of supporting the strategic direction of the project.

Orbit Network: Registered Members

Membership in the Orbit network is open to anybody who would like to contribute to RRI in ICT. The Orbit Community page displays the list of current members. Membership of the Orbit Community currently only requires registration. It is required to access certain pages and services. The advantages of becoming a member are described in more detail on the “Become a Member” page.

Research Community

The RRI services to be provided by Orbit are open to all ICT researchers and everybody who is interested in RRI more broadly. The majority of content of the Orbit website, including the content of the Orbit journal are available online for free.

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