Martin De Heaver: Managing Director

  • Develop and implement the strategy
  • Establish high-level contacts to influence policy development
  • Serve as overall content editor
  • Lead proposal development services


NN: Coordination Officer

  • Coordinate the different activities
  • Will interface with a scientific advisory board comprising key users and customers
  • Provide training
  • Serve as managing editor of the ORBIT journal

NN: Marekting Officer

  • Develop and implement marketing strategy
  • Develop marketing material
  • Interface with potential customers
  • Responsible for accounting


Paul Keene: Webmaster

  • Maintain and develop the website
  • Responsible for organising peer review of Observatory content
  • Set up and maintain the journal submission and review function



Marina Jirotka: Investigator

  • Strategy development
  • Supervisory function
  • Support all activities


Bernd Stahl: Investigator

Bernd Carsten Stahl

  • strategy development
  • Supervisory function
  • Support all activities
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