Workshops & Courses

ORBIT (the Observatory for Responsible Research and Innovation) has been commissioned by the EPSRC to provide leadership in the promotion and application of responsible research and innovation practices to the information and communication technology (ICT) community. In order to achieve this goal, ORBIT has developed a series of Workshops and Courses for for doctoral and postgraduate students.

Self Assessment Tool

This tool is free to use by members of the community. It allows individuals and organisations to assess their own position in RRI for ICT and to compare themselves against their peers. It also allows users to determine which areas of RRI they need to work on which will open the opportunity for specific training and consultancy offers.

Subject Specific Research Workshops

Where a department or team covers subject areas that may raise issues that need to be addressed in a more specific manner, ORBIT offers a one-day workshop to elicit these issues and develop bespoke solutions for them. This research workshop is aimed predominantly at team or project supervisors with only advanced students being admitted.

ORBIT Community

ORBIT is creating a vibrant online community around collaboration and the sharing of best practice. By registering with the ORBIT web site you will become a member of this community and gain access to ORBIT services, specifically designed to embed RRI principles in research.

Ethical Hackathons

An Ethical Hackathon is a two-day workshop, pioneered at Oxford University’s Human Centred Computing department, that is based around the hackathon concept familiar to computer scientists. An ethical hackathon combines scientists with specialists from other fields who form teams that then tackle a problem that requires them to consider social and ethical issues of design alongside technical ones.

The ORBIT Journal

The ORBIT Journal is an online open access journal that publishes original research and contributions in the area of Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT. It forms part of the overall ORBIT project, which aims to foster a culture of RRI in the ICT research community and beyond.

Research Ethics

ORBIT will be delivering introduction courses into Research Ethics and how it can be applied to your organisation, university, department or project. If you would like ORBIT to deliver this presentation please click the button below.