ORBIT proposed to provide customised workshops for industrial clients (SME and large) based upon RRI principles.  The exact nature of these workshops will be based upon specific requirements and demand, but will aim to create a commercial value proposition for the investment in training.

Initially we propose to offer industrial clients a workshop based upon a hybrid of an innovation and AREA workshop, tailored toward the creative aspects of RRI, with a format such as :

Discovery phase (a structured brainstorming session that focuses on potential applications, and challenges of ICT research),

Trigger phase where possible technological solutions are demonstrated to aid the participants to imagine what might be possible

Fantasy phase (the participants envision a future free of the previously identified problems),

Implementation phase (a group discussion on the feasibility of the vision that resulted in the Fantasy phase and the development of an action plan for the implementation of the vision, and the mitigation of risk, including PESTLE analysis).

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