Responsible Quantum Technologies

As with all new technologies, there will be unforeseen implications of Quantum Information Technology. These will have many positive impacts as well as risks which are hard to predict. However, unless we try to anticipate the risks and benefits as the technology develops it may be too late to respond once the applications become fully available.

Responsible Innovation

  • Engages in dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders to draw on different areas of experience
  • Enriches the innovative process and is a stimulus to creativity
  • May improve the chances of commercial and scientific success by anticipating problems at all stages in the innovation cycle
  • Ultimately leads to products and services which are more likely to be embraced by the public.

Quantum computers and spin-offs will ultimately enable applications that are currently not possible, raising questions such as:

  • Will quantum secure communications disrupt the work of the security services?
  • Will quantum computers be able to break existing Internet security?
  • Who will have access to the new technologies?
  • Will quantum computing add to the risks (as well as benefits) of an algorithm-based society?
  • Will the public trust technologies which they cannot understand and whose results they cannot verify?

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