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Thank you for using the ORBIT self-assessment tool. On the coming pages you will be asked to share information about yourself, your organisation and your project. This information will be used to determine the level to which you are aligned with principles and practices of responsible research and innovation. You can log into your account and change your responses at any time. You can delete your responses and you can fill in more than one survey, for example to compare different projects.

In addition to providing you feedback on your level of RRI, the information may be used, if you decide to approach ORBIT with regards to specific help and support.

ORBIT will treat all information gained via the self-assessment tool as confidential. ORBIT will use the information collected from the self-assessment tool to undertake research on current RRI practice. This may lead to publications based on the survey data. In no case will personal data or data that could be linked to particular projects of organisations be shared or published.

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