Subject Specific Workshops

Where a department or team covers subject areas that may raise issues that need to be addressed in a more specific manner, ORBIT offers a one-day workshop to elicit these issues and develop bespoke solutions for them. This research workshop is aimed predominantly at team or project supervisors with only advanced students being admitted. The workshop defines the characteristics of the subject area (e.g. AI, quantum computing, ubiquitous computing, security) and then works with participants to identify shared issues. Participants will then be given an introduction to the AREA-4P framework and encouraged to use the framework to identify social and ethical issues arising from the research topic. The issues identified are then mapped against the array of RRI actions to develop a bespoke roadmap for RRI in the thematic field.

Outputs from the research workshop will inform the further development of the RRI self-assessment tool and the ORBIT service provision.

Work with ORBIT to create a bespoke subject specific workshop...

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